Kenneth Cole New York Dover Street Tote Handbag Review

Kenneth Cole New York Dover Street Tote Handbag Review
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Kenneth Cole New York Dover Street Tote Handbag Review


My small business was recently approved for a contract with 2 major department stores to purchase overstock and clearance merchandise. Yayy! Since I love handbags, my first purchase was a palette of handbags. If you’re wondering what a palette is, let me tell you…it’s whole lot of handbags, so many that a whole room can be filled with a palette. As a result I decided to review all these bags within my blog.  So here is my Kenneth Cole New York Dover Street Tote Handbag Review.


Kenneth Cole Dover Street Tote
Kenneth Cole New York Dover Street Tote


  • Double handles with 8.5″ drop length
  • Self-lined interior
  • Single interior zippered pocket
  • Single outside zippered pocket

Manufacturer Listed Dimension: 17.5″H x 14″W x 6″D

Color: Tiger Lily White

Designer: Kenneth Cole

Style: Tote

MSRP: $158.00


Kenneth Cole Dover Street Interior
Kenneth Cole New York Dover Street Interior



Although there is not a huge variance with this tote and other totes when it comes to the style it is a very good looking rigid tote due to its print and color. It features nice decorative rivets at the base of the double handles as well as a Kenneth Cole lanyard hanging from the handle. The front has Kenneth Cole gold leafed imprint at the top front of the tote. Right below it, it has a easily accessible zippered pocket which can be used to store your phone, making it secure and easily accessible. The vibrant print and color combination makes it unique and causes it to stand out from the average tote. The Kenneth Cole New York Dover Street Tote is made of leather, however, it looks a lot like the faux leather on other bags, if it looks more like really leather I would have certainly given it the 5 star rating.


This Kenneth Cole New York Dover Street Tote is very functional. The exterior zip pocket is a great space of anything that you want to have easily accessible yet secure. The interior zip pocket gives an extra security option so you can store anything that you don’t want to have exposed. The color combination in the interior walls and bottom along with the unlined interior gives it a very clean look and allows you to identify anything you’re looking for without any lining getting in the way. I love the fact that it comes with the matching wristlet that is very convenient here’s why: It’s great for storing your essentials so that when you want to just make a quick trip somewhere and don’t need to haul your whole bag, you can just unclip the wristlet and take it with you. The inclusion of the wristlet bumped the functionality rating to the full 5 star.


The bag is a very good quality and with it’s rigid frame will keeps it’s shape for a very long time. The Kenneth Cole New York Dover Street Tote is described as being made of leather, however, in person it looks more like it’s faux leather. I gave a 3.5 star because if the bag is not real leather I don’t know if the quality of the material will actually standup through time but if it is real leather I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t.


With the Kenneth Cole New York Dover Street Tote You get a great looking quality bag that is very functional. At a retail price of $158, in the realm of tote bags, this is a great value!



Overall, this bag is a great statement bag. The color is vibrant and attention getting. This bag almost has it all, great looks, functionality, and a great value! It didn’t get the full 5 stars because the leather looks more like faux leather. However, it is a great all around bag and anywhere one wearing it will certainly get compliments!


The particular item that I am reviewing was a store display and does have some customer handling evidence as pictured below:



Hope you like this review.


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