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Hi I’m Erika, I am a mom, wife and a lover of life! I am trained and experienced as a licensed real estate broker with a degree in business management. My hobbies are learning anything that I have a need for in life, as a result I am a self taught tech geek, a handy woman, a pseudo electrician, a skincare and safe cosmetics enthusiast and an overall jack of all trades. I love learning and being busy and seem to take on projects way too often. Through the projects I’ve taken on is how I’ve learned a myriad of information about random things. I created this blog because I have been told I’m a “taulker” so I wanted to share some of the information I have learned through the projects I have taken on.


Random things about me: I workout regularly and try to eat healthy and I should look like some kind of fitness guru but unfortunately I’m far from that. I love great conversation with great exchange of information. My favorite movie is dumb and dumber because I love comedies, comedy shows and just love to laugh in general. The serious side of me love watching documentaries. My husband often tells me that I’m a dork because of the things that make me laugh, so I have accepted that I probably am a dork. 


I hope you find the information that I’ve posted on this blog useful. If you don’t learn anything here please, I welcome you to submit a topic or article and I will share it with your authorship.

PS: Yes, I know how talker is spelled but that domain was taken so I decided to add an accent to it by adding a ‘u’ after the ‘a’.  Thanks for reading.

Spread the love