5 DIY Beauty Tips I Wish My Mom Had Taught Me

5 DIY Beauty Tips I Wish My Mom Had Taught Me
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5 DIY Beauty Tips I Wish My Mom Had Taught Me

Many women look up tutorials on makeup and hair styles but are missing the essential beauty tips that will help maintain the radiance in their skin. Here’s 5 DIY Beauty Tips I Wish My Mom Had Taught Me and that most women are skipping and shouldn’t. 


Your skin is constantly changing whether it’s because of your age, hormonal agent levels, environment, and even due to your stress level. Therefore, you need to be aware that your skin care regimen should be flexible in order to change according to the needs of your skin, however, regardless of the stage that your skin is in, you need to always apply the basics.

If you haven’t been maintaining your skin for a while, do not be scared off by the effort it takes to improve it. The initial time investment to start taking care of your skin again might be higher than the actual maintenance once you’ve established your daily routine. Scroll through the list of tips I wish my mom had taught me.


      1. Select the right Foundation

When you select a foundation for your face ensure that it matches your skin tone and shade. The best way to test it is to apply the foundation on the jaw line so that you can see how it looks compared to the rest of your face and in contrast with your neck.  The foundation should match your face and blend with your neck. You will also be able to test how the makeup feels on. For the most part, you should not feel the makeup because that’s typically a sign that it is not allowing your skin to breathe, and if your skin doesn’t breathe it’s a sign of bad skin to come. Select any makeup that you know is good for your skin and does not clog the pores. If you don’t know of any, then let me share that I use NUDISKIN Cosmetics mineral foundation, which does not clog my pores and has helped improve the look and texture of my skin.

    2. Always Use Sunblock

Whether it’s on your body or on your face, you should always use sunblock to protect your from the damage that the sun rays can do to your skin. For your face use foundation that has sunblock. If you don’t know of a foundation that has sunblock, the foundation that I mentioned above by NUDISKIN Cosmetics has sun protection and will help protect your face from sun ray damage.


    3. Always Wash Your Face Before Going to Bed

As you sleep your body tries to repair itself and your skin works on repairing itself as well. You usually wear clothes which protect your body but on your face most people are either bare skinned or they have makeup on. If you don’t remove your makeup and and instead keep it on while you sleep, it disrupts your body’s attempt to repair it. Even if you don’t wear makeup during the day it is still important to wash your face before you go to bed because you need to remove the free radicals that are in the air that have come in contact with and attached to your skin. The free radicals, if not washed off, can also disrupt your skin’s attempt to repair itself. Lastly, washing your skin also hydrates your skin which is extremely beneficial to help replenish the moisture that it lost through the day.


     4.  Moisturize

Moisturizing is crucial for your skin’s health and helps keep your skin soft, supple, comfortable, and attractive. 


    5. Don’t Neglect Your Feet

To get your feet ready to show off your favorite sandals, take the time to moisturize your feet using Vaseline. Prior to going to going to sleep, slather your feet with a generous layer Vaseline then protect your feet and your sheets by putting a sock over your feet. While you sleep the Vaseline will permeate thick, calloused skin, aiding and healing your dry and cracked skin. The next morning you will wake up ready to show off your sandals and your soft feet!

Now that you’ve read some of the tips I wish my mom would have taught me, make use of them, you will definitely appreciate them as you get older but your skin doesn’t. Appreciate your brand-new self-confidence when you use the guidance that you’ve discovered, and get used to being complimented because I assure you that if you use the above tips people will notice when your skin improves.



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