5 Designer Items That Will Make You Wonder: Who buys this?!

5 Designer Items That Will Make You Wonder: Who buys this?!
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5 Designer Items That Will Make You Wonder: Who buys this?!


When it comes to clothes, accessories and style in general I like the looks that seem to last forever, the more classic looks so I’m not much of a “trends” follower. However, I like to be informed so I still do like to keep abreast of all the trends and I do like to stay in the know on designer styles. There are designers who’s style I really like, others that are a hit and miss. While I know that some designers create looks just for the run way that don’t necessarily hit the stores, there have been some designer items that I’e personally seen at the store that make me wonder: Who buys this?! Which led me to write this post in hopes that maybe someone can help me see the appeal of some of the products that I’ve listed below. I’ve reduced my list to the most recent 5 items that made me wonder that. Please feel free to comment and enlighten me on who buys this?


1)The Moschino Pill Bottle Shoulder Bag

For a mere $1,200 you can be a proud owner of a large pill bottle with a strap. On the Nordstrom website the description said “The perfect remedy for your handbag blahs—a tongue-in-cheek crossbody bag fresh from Jeremy Scott’s Spring/Summer ’17 Runway Capsule Collection for Moschino is whimsically designed with trompe l’oeil graphics to look just like a pill bottle”.


This bag just makes me wonder who is so infatuated with pills or pill bottles that they want to carry it as an accessory. Apparently, it’s so popular that they have two versions: the pill bottle and the Pill Pack shaped crossbody. I thought that any addiction to pills was taboo, but this purse yells “I’m a pill lover”. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me that thinks that but enlighten me if you want and let me know what the appeal of this is.


2)Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans

Nordstrom says that the jeans “embody rugged, Americana workwear that’s seen some hard-working action with a crackled, caked-on muddy coating that shows you’re not afraid to get down and dirty.”

The shinny sheen on the mud makes it looks like you were just down a muddy ditch. At a retail price of $425 if I want to look like I was dragged down a muddy ditch, then I’ll actually do it myself and actually have a story to tell and a pocket full money instead.

I can’t part with my money for jeans like these at all, but if you can’t part with your money on these jeans because it doesn’t have the “right” kind of dirty look, don’t worry they also have the Barracuda Destroyed Straight Leg Jeans for those that prefer the “patches and paint are keeping my pants together” look.

3)Gucci’s Gladiator Loafer


Why does the world need a gladiator loafer? Is the loafer not ugly enough as it is with it’s tiger head buckle and embroidered gold bee?!  In the description they are trying really hard to make the loafer seem attractive but their efforts where to no avail as even the description sounds like a hot mess. Here’s the description that was in the Nordstrom website: “Smooth Italian leather with traditional broguing at the seams sets the stage for bold Gucci detailing on this tall, gladiator-inspired loafer, including a decorative toe strap anchored by a tiger-head buckle and an embroidered gold bee at the heel”. I have no words more words for this shoe

4) Stella McCarthy Vintage Surf Print Tee

This Stella McCarthy Vintage Surf Print Tee that retails for $645 just leaves me saying: Seriously?! The only thing vintage about this shirt is that it reminds me of the major fails from my attempts to upcycle thrift store shirts when I was a kid. The description says that it is “sliced and sewn back together to create a more fitted, angular silhouette”. I don’t see the fitted or the angular in this silhouette.

5) Gucci Ilse Sock Sandal

I don’t really know how to describe this Gucci Ilse Sock Sandal that retails for $1,190. It’s actually a nice sandal on it’s own, but unfortunately that’s not how it’s meant to be. The sandal has a skin colored patent leather looking sock that goes with it. When I first saw this sandal, I thought that maybe that patent skin colored sock was just there to prop the shoe, I was wrong. The shoe and that “Ilse Sock” are meant to be worn together. This was last on my list because at least you do have the option to remove the sock but why even make it with that “ilse sock”?!



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